An Interview With: Ookay

California-based producer Ookay burst onto the scene with a series of exciting and unexpected remixes, gaining a loyal following of fans hungry for more of his wild production. Now, Ookay is about to show off even more of his skill with his upcoming EP Ghost, out November 10th on Dim Mak. We chatted with the producer for more insight on his music, his style, and more.

Your newest EP, Ghost, finds you exploring other genres and delving into some uncharted sonic territory. What inspired this new direction in your style?

Well I’ve been making all kinds of music for years, it’s just about time that I show the public! Many of my fans are familiar with my side project COASTER so I think they were already aware. This is just the introduction to the newer fans out there.

After playing sets at massive festivals such as North Coast, and the upcoming EDC Orlando, do you ever get jitters? What’s your pre-show ritual?

Not really nervous, I just get really excited and I want to go up as soon as I get there. I love playing in front of a crowd, especially when I see them feed off the music so well. My pre show ritual is usually playing this iPhone App called “GBOD”, short for Giant Boulder of Death. Check it out, it’s mad fun!

Twitter seems to be your medium of choice, and it’s hysterical. Do you plan your tweets at all, or are we just getting a glimpse of what goes on in your head?

Yeah pretty much tweet as I go, I never plan anything, unless its to promote music releases or videos. the best tweets come out while at the airport.

You first made a name for yourself by putting out a lot of remixes – is the remix process more difficult than making originals, or vice versa?

I make remixes and originals at the same speed when it comes to producing. Remixes are already set ideas so it’s a bit of a head-start.

What city do you dream of playing in?

Not so much a city, but I would love to play on the moon.

Tell us about the thought process for the title of your new EP.

Well, the first song off the EP was titled Ghost prior to even knowing that It would become an EP, [and] it really stuck with me more than the other names on the EP, plus it fits the with what I want to do visually in the future. I can’t talk about it yet but I will soon!

Any fun facts you want our PressPlay readers to know?

I love Chipotle. I eat that sh*it like 3 times a week. I love biking as well. I try to bike as much as possible. Also, I’m starting an EDM “Dancercize” class.
Interview: Staley Sharples

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