An Interview With: MORRT

21-year-old Derby native MORRT is the future face of house music. Bursting onto the scene with remixes of hits by Route 94 and Sebastian Carter, MORRT’s infectious melodies and intricate productions make him one to keep an ear out for. His newest single on Bambusa Records, “Be There”, is a deep house lover’s dream – grab it now and learn more about this young producer here.

PP: What got you into producing house music?

M: I went to a festival about 4/5 years ago purely house music and I always wanted to be on stage rather than in the crowd!

PP: Do you have any mentors in the music scene, or did you break in by yourself?

M: Completely broke through myself. I spoke to people along the way and got the occasional tip but overall it was all me!

PP: How would you define your sound?

M: It’s hard to tell right now. I’m at the point where I’m just trying to find my sound. I’ve got lots of unheard tracks but I always end up changing them and I’m not sure yet which way I want to head yet musically. By that I mean I’ve not decided whether I want to go more underground or make some nice vocal tracks.

PP: What equipment do you usually use to play and to produce?

M: Well, when I do a DJ set it’s the standard CDJs. I produce on Ableton, and have a few plug-ins and recently purchased a keyboard to go with it.

PP: If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, whom would you choose?

M: If I could have any vocalist, I would’ve loved Michael Jackson. Not only was he ‘the king of pop’ and made some wicked tunes, but his voice could definitely fit some modern house tunes. If I could have anyone to collaborate with now, I’d probably say Blonde. You know the guys fromEton Messy? Really good producers and catchy tunes. But nothing I’m not capable of given a bit of effort.

Fun facts:

PP: Favorite clothing brand as of now?

M: I haven’t got a favourite, but check out some friends from BAAS.

PP: Star sign?

M: Capricorn.

PP: Strangest gig you’ve ever played?

M: Probably Cantebury. The after party / session got a bit weird.

PP: Tell us about your tattoos! When did you first start getting them, and what’s your wildest tattoo story?

M: Nothing weird about them really, I got them when I first got any money and was younger and stupid. Of course I regret them now.

PP: What’s something people wouldn’t expect you to be interested in?

M: For people that don’t know me I LOVE Star Wars!

Words: Staley Sharples



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