Gig Review: Goldfish

The sound was clean, and people danced in their soul cloaks….the freest of chi.

Jabula means happiness in Zulu.
People always feel the jabulani when Goldfish come to town.

It was the DJ duo’s first time in St Andrews, thanks to the efforts of the South African Springboks society and Music is Love, who organized this fantastic night.

I won’t forget the first sound of their set, the call of the bass and epic trumpets, leaping into the hearts and the waving arms of the crowd; there was a vibe of Jabula to imbibe, and everyone was doing it right. Yes!

Maximum respect must be given to all of the free livin in the building.

Maximum respect to the kilted surf club; they are some true bru’s, just like Goldfish at home, there’s no shirt and no shoes.

The musical grooves that night were amazing, and if you noticed how much Goldfish were smiling it all makes sense; they got jabula! They got more shake than the hula! They got more bars than Folsom Prison!


There were flute solos taking us to mystic lands, and beats that made us bounce like we just had burritos with Mexican jumping beans…(extra hot sauce please)!

The sound was clean, and people danced in their soul cloaks….the freest of chi.

This really did happen; jabula is no joke.

Maximum respect Goldfish.

Words: Tyndally

Photos: Lightbox Creative

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