An Interview With: Ondine Benetier

Ondine Benetier, writer and producer for Parisian music collective La Blogothèque, gives her view on one of the best Soirées de Poche, that of Nils Frahm, a German pianist and composer.

PressPlay presents… La Blogothèque from PressPlay on Vimeo.

Nils’ Soirée de Poche in full can be found here.

Who’s music’s saviour?
Fuck, this is an impossible question… I’m not sure I want to answer it! But what saves music is people’s love and passion for music.

What’s music’s misbehaviour?
When musical creativity is stifled by red tape.

What’s your music guilty pleasure?
Anything that’s brings nostalgia; Britney (except she’s cool) and Alliance Ethnik.

Words: EQ

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