Planet Zuzy Prescribes 10-Track “Music is the Medication” Playlist

Polish multi-hyphenate artist Planet Zuzy is garnering attention stateside for her electrifying sound. As the producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, creative director, and entrepreneur celebrates the release of her new single “Higher” with a curated playlist for Saint Audio, titled “Music is the Medication”.

Music has been an integral part of my life, serving as my therapy, confidante, and anchor through the ups and downs of constantly adapting to new environments, cultures, languages, and traditions. Amidst all the changes, dance music has remained my constant source of stability. That’s why I curated this playlist to showcase the incredible diversity of dance music and its unparalleled ability to empower, excite, and invigorate you. Whether you’re getting ready to paint the town red or just unwinding at home, immerse yourself in these tracks. Take in the dynamic range of sounds and feel the intense build-ups and climactic drops that each artist has crafted. These songs are my medication and I hope they transport you to a place of euphoria too.

Follow Planet Zuzy on Spotify, and stream “Higher” on your preferred platform.

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