Essentials: “Quarter Life Crisis” – Isabel Dumaa

19-year-old Isabel Dumaa may not be old enough to have a quarter-life crisis, but her new single “Quarter Life Crisis” draws on themes that anyone can relate to while creating an easy pop sound that draws the listener in from the get-go. That’s why it’s easy to see how Dumaa’s songs have gained traction on Tik Tok, and “Quarter Life Crisis” is no exception. 

With a little guitar strumming and Dumaa’s gentle voice to start us off, “Quarter Life Crisis” moves into a clear rhythm perfect for a long drive on a summer road trip. Dumaa’s vocals deftly complement the beat and encourage us to sing along. Her lyrics are clear and invite self-reflection. Filled with modern references, this is a Gen Z crisis, but also one to which we can all relate as we are invited to “disappear in [our] Impala” and do exactly what we want to. 

The accompanying video for “Quarter Life Crisis” features the California seaside, a bright blue Impala, and a muted-toned film strip. With film glare and scratches, the video evokes a marriage between a contemporary pop song and a more vintage aesthetic. 

Maybe that’s the point of all this: whether it’s now or 1958, a woman choosing to follow her own desires even if others think it’s crazy (or a crisis) is always a worthwhile idea. 

Originally from San Francisco, Dumaa moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music. Since then, she opened for Smallpools at the Roxy in her first live show and amongst a sold-out crowd. Clearly, Isabel Dumaa is one to watch and I’m excited for what we will hear from her in the future. 

“Quarter Life Crisis” is available on all streaming platforms. Follow Isabel Dumaa on Tik Tok at @imisabeldumaa

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