Essentials: “XX” – The Blackmordia

Massive synths and anthemic choruses underscore the Blackmordia’s stadium-ready new single “XX”.

Drawing heavily from legends of 80s synth like Soft Cell, as well as hard rock and glam icons like Whitesnake, “XX” feels like a window back in time with an eye on the future.

The track’s foundation is one of classic 80’s synth-pop, glitzy revolving synths play out over a punchy rhythm section that cuts through the hazy atmosphere. When it switches into the chorus the chords swell and vocals soar to anthemic heights. It’s an immaculately crafted piece of neon-drenched alt-pop. Following up 2018’s “GOD”, “XX” maintains that track’s maximalist energy but with a more synthetic backdrop, owing to the range of influences the group has.

“XX” comes alongside a video perfectly encapsulating the Parisian quintet’s aesthetics. S&M vibes and horror aesthetics work in tandem with the darkly lush sonic backdrop. With their debut album set to drop this year, “XX” the perfect introduction to a group on a rapid rise.

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