Essentials: Kiro – “Kakashi Freestyle”

Kiro’s “Kakashi Freestyle” is as much a statement of intent as it is a showcase of the young Londoner’s scintillating style.

Despite the allusions to Naruto and Star wars in the opening bars, This track isn’t child’s play. As atmospheric keys set the nocturnal mood a chirping vocal sample cuts through the mix whilst the clicking percussion sets a pulse-raising tempo. Touting his production style as a synthesis of Knucks and Metro Boomin, Kiro glides over the instrumental with surgical precision.

Taking aim at his detractors whilst making a case for himself to be next up, Kiro grabs the track by the scruff of the neck and doesn’t let go until the message is clear. Whilst his trademark delivery is cut with an echo, the point is never muddied. Nor is it when he switches up his flow midway through as if he is attacking the beat itself. The frenetic pace and buzzing bass tie the track together into a perfect package of ferocious ambition.

It comes on the back of a pair of Singles “Pain Relief” and “The Plan”, earmarking Kiro for a bumper 2023.

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