Playlist: foryu Selects Healing Sounds for Anxiety

Rising singer, songwriter, and producer foryu is taking control of her own narrative through her introspective and personal approach to her music. The multi-talented artist recently shared powerful single “anxiety”, detailing her own journey as she explores her shadow self, and practices self-love through her musical output. In an exclusive playlist, foryu selects a collection of songs meant to soothe our most anxious thoughts. About the playlist, the Philadelphia-based artist shares, “This anxiety relief playlist is meant to serve as a way to meet anxiety through a lens beyond gentleness. I combine my creature comforts of past favorite songs with current songs in rotation to give me a radiating ebb and flow between softness and abrasiveness. When I meet anxiety in all her forms, I find clarity of mind, acceptance in heart, and freedom in being. Close your eyes, feel it all, and find some center in this carefully curated playlist made to soften and smooth the uneven textures of the human experience.

Listen to the playlist below, and follow foryu on Spotify to stay up-to-date on her latest releases.

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