Essentials: Marcel Vogel & LYMA – “Keep On Stepping”

With “Keep On Stepping”, the powerhouse Amsterdam-based duo of Marcel Vogel & Lyma keep their momentum rocketing skyward on another sleek and stylish banger.

“Keep On Stepping” follows up November’s “Head Back in the Game” as the duo’s second release on Boogie Angst before a forthcoming EP. Much like the previous single, “Keep On Stepping” is a slice of elegantly crafted electric RnB/soul.

Featuring a writhing bass and sun-bleached keys, the first half of the track brings together the core components into a tightly assembled yet loosely rendered unit. The “Keep on Stepping” refrain is addictive, as is the interplay between the moving parts beneath it. As the sounds sway back and forth in the mix the track breaks down into a delicious house groove. It serves as a reminder of Vogel and LYMA’s sonic mastery but also their floor-filling tendencies.

The EP it foreshadows is one based on the concept of birth and its immediate impacts. “Keep on Stepping” is a track from a father about his son. Echoing LYMA’s own reality as his son discovers the world around him. it focuses on the steps, both big and little, that “this little human” takes. It gives the airy track an emotional grounding that only heightens its impact.

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