Essentials: “Voices In My Head” – Bedouin

The first single from Bedouin’s upcoming full-length debut Temple Of Dreams, “Voices In My Head” is a winding melting pot of sonic cultures and textures that draws you in alluringly and doesn’t let you go until it’s ready to finish. Bedouin, the duo of Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe, express their shared Middle Eastern heritage in synchronicity with their lived western experience. The track ties together disparate strands from opposing musical cultures and knots them together into a brooding feast for the senses.

The stars of “Voices In My Head”, besides Malki and Abousabi themselves, are the melodic sounds the duo plays with, ones that slink through the bumping percussion to worm their way between the listener’s ears. Blending Middle Eastern instrumentation with structures more familiar to western audiences. The aim of Bedouin is obviously to combine these musical cultures into a coherent sonic experience—the execution is seamless and speaks to their talent. The bright twang of the strings and percussive clicks perfectly underscore the interlinking vocals the two lay down. By the time the whirring, ghostly keys swoop into the mix the song has already swept you up in its aura.

Part of what makes the track so addictive is likely the harmoniousness of the pair. One of the first true duets they have recorded together, Abousabe says the track “captures the overall essence of the album. It felt very much like Bedouin, and that’s why we’re starting with an original from the two of us.”

On “Voices In My Head”, as with the upcoming album, the pair eschew club-friendly jams in favour of crafting soundscapes filled with depth and designed to be a full-on auditory experience. Diving deeper into their unique repertoire, “Voices In My Head” is an addictive first look into this era for the duo, Temple Of Dreams promises to be an adventure from start to finish.

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