Essentials: “Talk About It” – Patricia Baloge

On “Talk About It”, Patricia Baloge brings bright and airy synthpop vibes fit for any occasion. “Talk About It” is the first release of the year for the French-Ghanian multi-hyphenate, following up a prolific 2022. The track was produced and performed solely by Baloge herself, showcasing her virtuosic versatility. It brings a classic driving synth bass sound with spacious keys floating above it giving the track an upbeat vibe and vivid texture to it. On the chorus Baloge’s voice soars above the instrumental, giving the track an anthemic feel.

Especially prescient is that the track was originally created in 2019, it took Baloge more than three years to come back to it and embrace it for what it now means to her. “When the pandemic hit I was so consumed with producing my WOMB EP that I completely forgot this track even existed”, She said of the track, continuing “It was only in the summer of 2022… that I came across it while revisiting my previous work. I instantly fell in love with it… It felt like it fit the artist I had become.

With the NYC-based artist set to have a busy 2023, this track marks just the beginning of another bumper year for Patricia Baloge.

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