Essentials: “Plastic Phonk” – Nada5150

Los Angeles rapper, producer, and songwriter Nada5150 continues his evolution in “Plastic Phonk”, building off his previous experimentation with Japanese City Pop sampling in the Phonk genre. The cautionary tale he paints is illuminated by the sample, which comes from the song “Plastic Love” by Maria Takeuchi. Nada5150 expands on the symbolism, explaining that she “narrates from the perspective of an android hired to dance in a discotheque. Customers fall in love with her, but it is only plastic love when the morning comes. The two songs have parallels—the trap life might sound glamorous to those who’ve never lived it. People romanticize the idea of living their Scarface dream. However, the grizzly reality is that in the end, there is only pain and death.

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