Essentials: “Begging U” – So Durand

On “Begging U”, So Durand shows off his versatility with a track more downtempo than usual, while still maintaining the hard-hitting edge that has made him a dancefloor mainstay worldwide. A master of atmospherics, the single showcases the Ottawa electronic maestro’s ability to seamlessly blend the severe with the sublime. The expressive breaks punctuate the echoey grey soundscape Durand produces.  

The single caps off a big year for Durand, the producer and DJ having also released his This Unruly Kingdom EP on Choki Biki earlier this year. Durand intended the song to be listened to, not solely on the dancefloor, as is his usual MO, but on headphones. The gloom he is so adept at capturing and the slower tempo he brings in are equally as affecting when experienced at home on your speakers at headphones. It’s a mark of how fulfilled and multi-dimensional an artist Durand is that he can pull it off.

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