Essentials: “Diosa” – Nikky Bourbon

Vulnerability transforms into ferocity in Nikky Bourbon’s rallying cry “Diosa,” a rollicking torrent of feminist empowerment. “Diosa” is Bourbon’s celebration of her Latinx roots, released during Hispanic Heritage Month to honor her cultural expression of diosa, the divine feminine. “It represents connectedness with the universe and our power as women,” the singer/songwriter shares of the title. “It’s such a positive word to describe us in a world that loves to tear us down.”

In the wake of Hurricane Fiona, Nikky Bourbon Nikky Bourbon has partnered with El Grito, a nonprofit organization specializing in collecting, distributing, and shipping for Puerto Rico relief. With “Diosa,” she hopes to raise awareness of her culture and her passion for activism while calling attention and funds to the crisis affecting millions.

Listen to “Diosa” on all platforms, and follow Nikky Bourbon on Instagram.

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