Essentials: “A Good Life/Two Headed Goat” – Eyedress

The prelude to his upcoming album Full Time Lover, “A Good Life” and “Two Headed Goat” are an engaging and stylistically varied taste of what is to come from Eyedress, and a promising one at that. With both songs due to feature on the tracklist when the album comes out, this taster is more than enough on its own to satiate the hunger for music from the prolific LA artist.

“A Good Life” is a reverb-drenched slice of intimate modern indie pop. The lead single is unflinchingly earnest but at only 1 minute 21 seconds long it doesn’t stick around too long as to become cloying. Instead, it tells us who the ‘full-time lover is’, not an old-fashioned lothario but a sweet and sincere soulmate. The track is capped off with some stellar guitar work that rises out of the woozy sonic backdrop to give you as much bang for your buck as is possible for a song less than two minutes.

By contrast, “Two Headed Goat” is a raging nocturnal banger. powered by a driving rhythm reminiscent of some classic post-punk, the track sees Eyedress, real name Idris Vicuña, going bar for bar with RealYungPhil in a lyrical back & forth that sees the pair exhibit their talent for braggadocio. Interspersed with audio messages from skateboarder and fashion figure Lucien Clarke, “Two Headed Goat” is a reminder of Vicuña’s versatility both lyrically and sonically.

Vicuña explained the choice to not only have these two tracks release back to back, but also feature on the same album saying “This is the album where I’m putting all the genres together… I’ll drop a whole rap album, or I’ll drop a whole guitar album. But I thought, maybe everyone already knows me as this person who does all of these things. So why don’t I just put it all on the same album?”

Releasing on August 26th, with 28 tracks including these two, Full Time Lover promises to have something for everyone, and if these two singles are any indication it should be well worth the wait.

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