Essentials: “Ayikh ‘Indaw’ Enjengekhaya (Henrik Schwarz Rework) ” – Henrik Schwarz & Ladysmith Black Mambazo

The latest installment in the Gallo Remixed series sees German dance virtuoso Henrik Schwarz rework a track from legendary South African Choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo into a simmering dance number for a new generation.

The idea came about thanks to Schwarz’s relationship with South African DJ Black Coffee, who himself had recently purchased a stake in Gallo Records. South Africa’s largest record label, Gallo Records’ Gallo Remixed series has seen remixes, reworks, samples, and curations drawing from the immense back catalogue of compositions. The result is a remix that pays due respect to the choral original whilst instilling in it a driving new energy and sound.

It has been two years since Ladysmith’s founder Joseph Tshabalala passed away and in that time he has been gifted much respect for his immense musical legacy. This remix is just another that pays great reverence to Tshabalala’s initial composition, placing the harmonious vocals front and centre of the track as not to dilute its message. The focus on the groups repeated affirmations of “Ayikho indawo, enjengekhaya,” roughly meaning “there’s no place like home,” is indicative of the spirit of this collaboration one that brings new energy but is rooted in the South African traditions that formed the original.

The result is a vibrant and fun yet soulful dance track that has a little bit of something for everyone and is certainly one of the most enjoyable songs of the year.

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