Essentials: “I Was Neon” – Julia Jacklin

Fuelled by powerful guitars and driving drums, “I Was Neon” is the stomping indie anthem that we’ve become used to from Julia Jacklin. Coming hand in hand with the announcement of the Australian artist’s upcoming album Pre Pleasure, the track sees the always witty Jacklin at her introspective best.

The track follows “Lydia Wears a Cross”, the first single and opening track for the album. Whilst that track is a more subdued cut, “I Was Neon” heads in a louder direction, but is no less reflective.

Initially written for a different project back in 2019, Jacklin rewrote it for the new album and it resonated to the point where she feels that the track embodies the album cover. “I rewrote [I was Neon] during a time when I was desperately longing for a version of myself that I feared was gone forever. I was thinking of this song when I made the album cover, this song is the album cover really.” 

Whilst the instrumental is fairly cut and dry, it is that way to the song’s benefit. The space in the mix between the guitar, bass, and drums allows Jacklin’s vocals to sit front and centre of the track. Jacklin examines herself in the lyrics and shows contentment with herself at this moment, not wanting to lose herself again. It’s a sentiment we might all experience from time to time, and well put together in a song that will only drive excitement for her forthcoming album.

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