Essentials: “purge” — ell!psis

Experimental hip-hop producer ell!psis’ latest stand-alone single is an exercise in restraint. While the Chicago-based composer’s debut EP archon was a left-of-center, trap-heavy body of work, “purge” pivots stylistically, though not entirely. Trap remains as the undercurrent, while distorted subtle melodies and textures build into a resounding release, landing upon a carefully-crafted soundscape of percussive and industrial sounds.

I tend to camp out in my head a lot, and that definitely translates to my music being kind of busy or chaotic. This came together as an exercise in striking the balance between intricacy and simplicity…It’s also my latest and proudest attempt to date at blending atonal noise into a fully ‘musical’ and memorable idea, something I definitely want to continue moving forward.

The glitchy, rhythmic track was released on May 31 in commemoration of the producer’s 28th birthday. ell!psis shared exclusively with Saint Audio his plans to release a plethora of forthcoming singles later this year, with the intention of “another small EP finished by the end of the year.” Follow the artist on Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud to keep up with his latest.

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