Essentials: “Shallow Water” – Mansionair

On “Shallow Water,” Australian indie trio Mansionair bring deeply personal lyrics to a head-nodding beat to give us an excellent final preview of their upcoming album. The latest in a string of singles released in the lead up to the release of Happiness, Guaranteed, the infectious hook of “Shallow Water” blended with its swirling atmospherics and driving beat ranks this single amongst the group’s best. Vocalist Jack Froggatt’s falsetto carries the song giving it a dreamy feeling. The lyrics portray a fractious time in the group’s history, one that they have since moved on from and grown.

Speaking about the track, the group says “We wrote it at a point when our friendships within the band were not in a great spot. We were fighting a lot about really petty things and this song was the result of working through them.”

They continue by saying “In doing so, we’ve come out the other side stronger and closer as a band than ever.

It’s a message that can resonate with people, aided by virtuosic instrumentation. Mansionair’s blend of catchy indie hooks with electronic instrumentals is nothing new, but the ease at which they pull off this mix and the quality of the songwriting makes everything they put out a must listen as you are bound to take something from it. The mix is seamless and the trio is as tight as ever.

It comes at a busy time for the group, who are set to embark on a North American tour over the coming months following Happiness, Guaranteed’s April 29th release.

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