Essentials: “Bite” – Gaszia & Sooski

Following last year’s high-energy banger “ApexClub,” Gaszia returns to the Italy-based label KUMO Collective with “Bite,” his second release of 2022 following the stellar Bandcamp Edits Vol. 2. Whether it’s as a solo artist or part of duo X&G, he’s never satisfied being confined to one genre—“Bite” featuring the talented UK-based vocalist and producer Sooski shows off his more melodic side.

Sooski’s hauntingly fantastic vocal is brought to the forefront of the buildup in “Bite,” with Gaszia progressively adding layers of synthesizers until it drops into a beat that is a bit more club-friendly than expected based on the intro, yet it still manages to keep a coherent vibe throughout which isn’t always easy to pull off. For Sooski’s second verse, the beat switches to more of a future garage sound reminiscent of some of the vocal-driven songs off of Moody Good’s self-titled album, which then drops into a more synth-driven trap beat more evocative of Gaszia’s work with X&G.

This marriage of genres all in one song may sound ambitious on paper, but if you hear the final product this duo makes it all come together seamlessly. This is the pair’s first song together, but their chemistry is palpable – let’s hope there’s more on the horizon from these two.

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