Suzi Analogue Composes Music for Star-Studded Calvin Klein Campaign

Frankly, it might be easier to list the things Miami-based artist Suzi Analogue hasn’t done—she’s an incredibly accomplished producer, vocalist, and DJ who has traversed genres such as hip hop, R&B, footwork, jungle, techno, and ambient music among many others.

Her latest endeavor is sound designing and composing the music for a Calvin Klein video centered around the theme of “Connection” which features the likes of Solange, Vince Staples, JENNIE from K-Pop group BLACKPINK, Burna Boy, Arlo Parks, and Dominic Fike. The advertisement was directed by Melina Matsoukas, who’s one of the most accomplished music video directors of the 21st century and made her film debut with Queen & Slim in 2019—she personally approached Suzi Analogue to work on this campaign.

Although the advertisement only boasts a 1:47 runtime, that is plenty of time to put Suzi’s multifaceted musical talents on display. It starts off with an ambient backdrop reminiscent of her 2020 release AXIS and maintains that feeling throughout much of the video, switching to a soulful and jazzy beat featuring Suzi’s vocals that enters when Vince Staples and Burna Boy appear on screen as well as some warm synths and vocals at around the one-minute mark that transitions seamlessly into Willie Hutch’s soul classic “I Choose You” for the remainder of the video.

Although Suzi’s contribution is unfortunately uncredited on the YouTube video, the musical atmosphere she captures is the backbone of what makes this advertisement memorable, and I hope this campaign can help introduce more people to the brilliance that is Suzi Analogue’s music.

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