Gig Review: Rooms of Hallucination Tour Impresses at The Fillmore

One night in mid-February, Daisy Guttridge and Hippie Sabotage filled the Fillmore in Philadelphia with thoughtful pop and electric, genre-defying sounds on their Rooms of Hallucinations tour.

Daisy Guttridge opened for Hippie Sabotage, the way she has and will continue to for their entire tour. Delightful pop synth greeted the crowd as Daisy emerged, ready to sing tracks from the mesmerizing “i found u” to the newly released “Skin.” Each of these sharp songs was carefully orchestrated—the kind of pop that still has a heart. But what really stood out about these performances was how Daisy knew to work the crowd; she brought a presence to her performance that is hard to replicate. Soon, phone flashlights dazzled and the left and right sides of the dance floor found themselves in a jump competition, all of which was perfectly in line with her style.

Speaking of style, Hippie Sabotage has showmanship second to none. With an extensive break that built great suspense, Hippie Sabotage arrived with a psychedelic backdrop and all-encompassing lights that shone all over the crowd. The intense bass flowed through my very skeleton as they played their synth-heavy set.

Daisy Guttridge might have just been an opening act, but for me, she was the show—original, engaging and fresh. Check out their tour dates, and catch Hippie Sabotage and Daisy Guttridge if they’re stopping by your city.

Tickets for the Rooms of Hallucinations tour are available here.

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