Essentials: “Zone” – FRQ NCY

Atlanta-based producer FRQ NCY starts off the year very strong with “Zone,” a stellar tune that brings together his sound on his earlier Saturate Records output and the more upbeat, brighter approach to his music he’s taken on recent releases such as the Gems EP. Although not his first released song in 2022—he put out the aggressive “ALT” on the Liberate Vol. 1 compilation last month—“Zone” is his first standalone single of the year and the first from a forthcoming unnamed EP.

The track starts things off on a lighter note, bringing a lovely R&B-tinged vocal sample to the forefront, but then the drop switches up the tone a little bit—it brings to mind some trap classics by such artists as TroyBoi and Baauer but with his own spin on things. It makes for a very fresh take on the genre – in contrast to a lot of maximalism that pervades in bass music these days this track keeps things pretty simple, and judging from the quality of this there’s plenty of room for that approach in the scene. This is one hell of a single to kick off 2022 for FRQ NCY, and it very effectively builds excitement for the EP.

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