Essentials: “On My Mind” – G Jones & EPROM

Over the last 5 years, it’s hard to think of a release that had such an unequivocal impact on the world of bass music as G Jones & EPROM’s Acid Disk. Unlikely as it seemed, this release that combined trap & halftime with IDM, acid techno, and jungle proved to be a massive success—and had fans clamoring for more.

Now, the wait is over. “On My Mind” is the first single from their forthcoming EP Acid Disk 2, and it’s the pair’s first collaborative song since 2019’s breakcore smash “Daemon Veil.” Despite the fact that it’s been four and a half years since the first Acid Disk, this song shows that they haven’t missed a beat in that style.

Although the song only boasts a 3:10 runtime, they manage to cram a wide array of genres and details into this monster of a lead single. The most attention will be paid to the drop, and it is indeed a great one, but there are a ton of layers in “On My Mind” that set it apart from most bass music.

These two are never bashful about their love for 1990s rave culture and music—G Jones in particular frequently speaks highly of legends such as Luke Vibert and Aphex Twin – and this song prominently features the iconic “Think” break that is a longtime rave staple. The vocal sample used throughout is evocative of EPROM’s 2019 anthem “Hope” and is used in a similarly brilliant manner here, and the metallic snare heard quickly at the 42 second mark is a great homage to the late, great SOPHIE – both artists are major fans of hers as well and paid tribute to her during their joint set at the HARD Summer festival last year. And if that’s not enough variety for you, at around 2 minutes it switches briefly into the kind of minimalistic club music EPROM has explored in his Deep Sky Objects side project – the calm before the storm of an onslaught of acid-infused bass in the second drop.

G Jones & EPROM have always demonstrated exceptional attention to detail in their music, and “On My Mind” is a song that requires numerous listens in order to catch moments you might have missed the first time. If this song is any indication, Acid Disk 2 will certainly live up to the first and potentially exceed it.

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