Essentials: “Want 2 Dance” – Emz & Gemi (feat. Charli Brix)

Ever come across a song that, upon hearing it for the first time, it just sounds like a hit? That’s exactly what happened upon hearing “Want 2 Dance” by the trifecta of MC Emz, producer Gemi, and vocalist Charli Brix.

“Want 2 Dance” marks the first non-self-release on Sam Binga’s Pineapple Records imprint, and it sets quite the high bar indeed. Gemi has been one of the most consistent and talented of the UK Garage producers to emerge over the last few years, his Gemi Tapes series being a must-listen fixture of his output. But he’s outdone himself here, managing to link together versatile Pineapple Records mainstay Emz with Charli Brix, who’s regarded as one of the best vocalists in the drum and bass world—this is her debut crossing over into garage but the fit is so natural you’d think she’s done this for years, her hook just draws you in and it’s phenomenal and provides a perfect complement to Emz’s sharp rhymes in the verses.

All in all, this crossover of worlds culminates in one of the catchiest, breeziest, most addictive garage tunes to come out in a long time, and you’d hope that any combination of these artists decides to work together again because they absolutely struck gold here.

Watch the video for “Want 2 Dance,” and follow Emz, Gemi, and Charli Brix on Instagram.

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