EP Review: Sonder – Rameses B

UK producer Rameses B has released over 235 electronic dance tunes on venerated labels like Monstercat and NCS since 2010. His latest EP Sonder for Dutch-label Liquicity, is a reposed liquid D&B record of the finest sort.

While varied in composition and sound, the 4-track EP feels cohesive in its production and tempo. The English artist procured vocals from electronic dance music songstresses Veela and Gracie Van Brunt for this latest body of work, and their melodic contributions provide a euphoric feel to the project.

[The] Sonder EP is about realizing that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. This is why each track has its own vibe—they may be the same genre but they have different characteristics to make them unique in their own way,” said Rameses.

Title-track “Sonder” is an ambient amalgamation of rolling melodies, dynamic drums and a beautifully atmospheric reese bass. The progressive drum and bass tune is rounded out by gossamer textures and enchanting vocal samples that create luscious energy and set a wondrous tone for the remaining tracks on the EP.

Following “Sonder” is synth-heavy d&b tune, “When You Dream.” The song is akin to falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Rameses B shows off his production chops in this uplifting, driving tune—what begins with baritone chops and an eerie ambience, soon descends into delicate piano notes that flutter over an oscillating whirlwind of invigorating drum and bass over wistful vocal loops and playful textures.

The enthralling track “Against The Grain” feat. Canadian singer Veela, shares a similar sound though it carries a more hopeful energy in its sound design and feel. The song’s narrative centers around themes of hopes, dreams and ultimately success. If you’re in need of some uplifting or inspiration, “Against the Grain” is one D&B tune to put on and get lost in.

Closing out Sonder is euphoric dance floor banger, “Haunted Hearts”—featuring stellar vocals from electronic dance music songwriter Gracie Van Brunt. “Our haunted hearts are broken/ We don’t need what they’ve stolen,” sings Gracie. With lyrics that are as somber as they are hopeful, and a sound design that showcases the English beatmaker’s verve for producing intricate soundscapes, “Haunted Hearts” is one of Rameses B’s best collaborative tracks to date.

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