Premiere: “Energy (feat. Yvie Oddly)” – Josh Lumsden

In a genre saturated with songs about drugs and sex, Josh Lumsden’s new electropop single “Energy (feat. Yvie Oddly)” stands out predominantly because of the song’s production. 

The cycles of crescendo and decrescendo supplement the hypnotic quality of the lyrically repetitive chorus. The modulated falsetto vocals pleasantly contrast the bass. The treble synths and strings keep the catchy rhythm from turning stagnant. At last, the final verse builds to a satisfying melodic climax. 

This isn’t to say Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Yvie Oddly’s featured rap is without note. The elementary science wordplay adds a touch of cheesy humor much like the simplistic arithmetic of “34+35”. Yvie’s characteristic laugh can’t help but charm. 

All in all, Josh Lumsden’s “Energy” is a light pop treat capable of lulling you into a pleasant repeat-one loop.

“Energy” is available now for streaming and download. Follow Josh Lumsden on Spotify for more music.

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