Essentials: “Proxy” – Cerdin and Squired

Released December 9th, “Proxy” marks the first collaboration from Calgary producer-DJ, Cerdin, and New York dance music artist Squired.

The collaborative single is a robust, jungle-inspired garage cut—one that’s sure to make plenty of ‘Best Of’ lists before the year’s end.

Within the first 15 seconds, eclectic synth notes create an alluring atmosphere, and a powerful symphony of bass and percussion is formed—the energy that follows is palpable and dynamic.

With a balanced composition and an expansive architecture, the track demonstrates these two producers’ wide-ranging musical taste and their aptitude in melodic, trap and bass-centric music production.

He’s one of the most creative people I know and his music is incredibly underrated. The way he’s able to get ideas down, and how fast he works on them…creating and experimenting with them…it’s something that’s helped me in terms of writing and figuring out how I can experiment more,” said Squired about Cerdin’s production style.

The impressive tune emerged from the discovery of a mutual appreciation of each of the other’s projects.

Following a digital exchange of stems and various experimental sounds from Squired’s OP-1 sequencer, Cerdin visited Squired at his New York studio earlier this year to further develop the dynamic single.

What started as a simple exchange of demos between the two like-minded bass producers, turned into an eclectic catalog of experimental songs, varied sounds, and a warm friendship.

The first time Harry came to New York I was playing this show with JAWNS and Juelz at this boat party…It’s crazy that we first met each other online during this demo review that Juelz had hosted during the pandemic and then we got to play these tracks we made together live, in person, with the homies. It’s surreal that it all happened this way,” said Squired. “Proxy” was the first of many songs the pair worked on that they finished entirely and immediately wanted to release.

The dance music producer will be releasing one more song with Cerdin early next year, along with a debut EP and a few more collaborative singles featuring trap producers Juelz and ODEA.

Squired’s upcoming projects have a cohesive, yet indistinct sound to them, and denote a marked progression from his previously vocal-focused future bass releases.

These upcoming records will mark an evolution of my sound,” he said. “I feel like I’ve finally honed in on what I want my brand and music to represent, visually and sound-wise…I’ve connected them to things I was not consciously aware of within myself, when writing about my life, upbringing and experiences and now, they’re building up to my EP, which will be the thing that really shows what I want my music to be and who I am as an artist.”

Originally producing and DJing under the alias SILKQ, the “Proxy” collaborator now releases projects as Cerdin—the name stemming from a jumbled wordplay on his Dutch middle name, Hendricus. 

Cerdin’s earliest work was inspired by his tinkering with drum patterns and guitar loops in garageband and listening to projects by revered dance music producers Justice and Skrillex.

Composition of the musician’s discography today is ladened with synth-heavy tunes that feature pounding 808s, textured fills and distorted vocals. 

His latest projects, including this newest single, are inspired by music from fellow peers Rossy, Bafu and Deadcrow and sound design heard in projects by metal group Spirit Box and punk band Show Me the Body.

The sound, the distortion, and the transience of metal has always stuck out to me…and melodically, I also pull a lot of influence from folk musicians, like Fiona Apple and Phoebe Bridgers,” he said. “[Proxy] is essentially rooted in my love for different genres of music and in trying to find a way to allow those genres to live and breathe within an electronic structure.

“Proxy” is indicative of a new experimental era in electronic music, one that sees artists incorporating elements from a variety of sound palettes and creating tracks that transcend defined genres.

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