Essentials: “Missing Piece (RAC Remix)” – Vance Joy

GRAMMY-Award winning musician André Allen Anjos has a penchant for remixing tunes, he’s released three remix albums and over 200 remixes to date.

The Portuguese-American producer better known as RAC, has returned to the music scene after spending time away this summer leading the charge for artist-entrepreneurs utilizing crypto to disrupt the industry.

RAC’s latest release is a refreshing remix of the romantic indie pop tune “Missing Piece“—written and composed by Australian indie folk musician Vance Joy and Golden Age Studio songwriter Joel Little.

Written over zoom sessions during lockdown at the height of the ongoing global pandemic, the ARIA award winning artist said in a Facebook post that “Missing Piece” was inspired by the feeling of being far away from the one you love.

It can be hard, but you’re not too fazed because you’ll do what it takes to see each other… this connection ain’t goin’ nowhere! I know so many people were, and still are, in that same boat,” Vance Joy wrote.

The song’s lyrics are beautiful and uplifting. Vance Joy’s vocals exude an unyielding love for his distant partner and the optimism and longing for a reunion, one that’s not too far off in the distance.

RAC’s “Missing Piece” remix feels more inspired than the 4-track EP he released earlier this year, but exhibits a similar minimal composition that’s heavily focused on vocals and expertly arranged sounds of percussion and synthesizers.

In addition, the remix features improvised guitar riffs and engaging chord progressions the multi-instrumentalist is notorious for. The sounds harmonize and gently ebb and flow throughout the track, attuned to lyrics of vivid imagery: that of a rippling ocean and the vision of a lover, seen through a digital screen.

I’ve been waiting for the tides to change, For the waves to send you my way. I see you, darling, but you pixelate, It gets hard to take these days,” Vance Joy croons.

The Portland-based DJ’s production of this remix has an easy-going jubilance to it, and Vance Joy’s bright vocals shine spectacularly in this version of the tune.

Fresh synth and guitar arrangements paired with the masterful omission of instrumentals during moments of emotive declarations sung by Vance Joy, demonstrate RAC’s adeptness as a sound designer.

The best is still yet to come for RAC, whose remix projects have continued to illustrate for over a decade that an altered work doesn’t need to rely on its danceability factor to stand out.

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