An Interview with: Slow Motion

Following his collaborative new single with Victor Lou on Astralwerks, Slow Motion caught up with us to discuss working with the fellow Brazilian artist and how he keeps himself creatively refreshed. Stream “I’m Flying” on your preferred platform and read the interview below.

Tell me about working together with Victor Lou on your song, “I’m Flying”. How did you two connect, and what was the processing of collaborating like?

Victor Lou and I have a long history of friendship. We started our first steps in the industry together and today we share so many amazing experiences. Sometimes due to the difference in our respective sounds we struggle to collaborate, but with “I’m Flying” we managed to unite very well and express our sonic identities perfectly.

Why did you start producing music? Walk me through your journey as a musician.

I’ve always been very connected to music. I’ve played guitar since I was 7 years old and my father provided me with the best possible music influences, very based on rock and reggae. When I reached my teens, like every young person on the coast of Santa Catarina, I became familiar with electronic music and decided to start my career. There was no singular turning point that led me to where I am, but my entire experience led me to this connection with music.

When do you typically feel most creative, and what do you do to stay in flow?

I spend the day listening to music and looking for other references. I usually listen to music for a long period of time and when I set aside a period to produce, the inspirations flow naturally as I am in the process of immersing myself completely into the music. 

What do you hope fans feel when they listen to your music?

Music is feeling. I always try to touch the hearts of my fans, that’s what inspires me to produce.

Do you have any goals for 2022 that you wish to share?

My main goal in 2022 is to start the work of the internationalization of my career with the first tour in the USA. I’ve been working with my team so that we can create the best events for next year for my fans across the whole world. 

What’s the one Brazilian meal that everyone should try once in their life?

Without a doubt, our traditional rice and beans!

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