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Saint Audio Selects: New Music For November 12th, 2021

New additions to our monthly playlist just dropped this Friday. Check out this week’s list of highlights below, and plug in for new music all month by following the Saint Audio Selects: November 2021 playlist.

“Too Much” – Arula

“Octavia” – Rossy

“Bring Me To Life” – Maison Ware, Fluir

“Forbidden Love (ONLYTHENEXT Remix)” – Maxchalant

“Souls Wander” – Ceeds

“i found u” – Daisy Guttridge

“Mountain – Extended Version” – Nosaj Thing

“truth” – Syence, Kyle Reynolds

“Cherry – Spotify Singles” – Doss

“Don’t Worry” – Dropper

“Cronus” – Kasablanca

“crydancing” – sad alex

“I’m Flying” – Slow Motion, Victor Lou

“Spectres (Interlude)” – lonewulf

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