Essentials: “Chroma” – Mike Snatchers and w/out

“Chroma” marks the first collaboration between upcoming Seattle producer Mike Snatchers and Denver bass artist, Dani Oprea, known as w/out.

A melodic earworm of a track, “Chroma” features moving melodies and plenty of visceral textures throughout. The pitched vocals in the song are beautiful and haunting, the synths and wispy fills are subtle, yet kinetic.

The collaborative single is a swift and striking amalgamation of shimmery distorted textures and resounding heavy bass.

Mike Snatchers is a bit of an enigma—not much is known about the rising producer besides his exceptional ability to flip popular hip-hop songs and turn them into irresistible party-ready tracks. The collaborative DJ is a notoriously creative producer with a dynamic sound that’s uniquely his own.

Snatchers has had a productive year and a half, having worked with various wave, electronic, and trap producers recently to release several acclaimed remixes, and many singles earlier this year.

He’s previously said he derives inspiration for his own productions from music by artists like Mura Masa, camoufly, and whereisalex. While listeners may hear remnants of these artistic influences in his music, his latest releases all share a distinctive energetic composition—one that only the Snatchman could produce. Snatchers played his debut dj set live in Chicago on September 11 with independent producers HXRY, golden child, VincebyVince, Palpa, and galva. His next show is on November 18 in Tacoma, Washington.

w/out’s lush, wide-ranging projects are essential listening for wave and bass music enthusiasts. Their latest singles are dreamy soundscapes that reverberate and stimulate the senses. Inspired by artists like Enya, Eiffel 65, and Vangelis, this fusion of influences can be heard throughout the tracks on their debut EP, The Infinite Room, released earlier this year.

Since the release, the introspective bass artist has played two live shows, one at the Black Box in Denver, and at Catch One in LA. They headlined at the sold-out High Ground Music Festival earlier this month and they announced recently that they’ll be playing at the Nectar Lounge in Washington before the year’s end.

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