EP Review: Gems – FRQ NCY

Many of you reading this might not be aware of the German electronic music label Saturate Records, but they’ve quietly been one of the most influential labels in the genre in recent years. Some of the most prominent names in bass music have released early material through the label—a list that includes the likes of Herobust, G Jones, Zeke Beats, and Chee. It’s become somewhat of a pipeline for successful acts, and Atlanta-based producer FRQ NCY is hoping to be the next on this list with his newest EP Gems.

If the balance between versatility and accessibility on this EP is any indication, he’ll get there in no time. Gems is his second solo EP following 2020’s Broken Patterns, which primarily consisted of songs that leaned towards the heavier side of dubstep. This time around, he delivers a more melodic effort that is poised to be a breakout success.

Although I say it’s more melodic, that doesn’t mean at all that FRQ NCY has lost his edge. This is instantly apparent from the opening title track—it has a nice, warm intro and bright synths throughout with bass that would absolutely murder a good sound system. FRQ NCY often refers to Flume as one of his biggest influences and “Gems” certainly recalls some of the more aggressive tracks from Hi This Is Flume but with his own spin on things. Lead single “Appearances” continues in that vein and ended up being a perfect tone-setter for what to expect on the project. “In Your Reality” manages to incorporate some influences from synthpop and immediately stands out as one of the highlights on the EP. “Always the Time” takes us back to the bass-heavy, yet melodic soundscape of the first two tracks, and closer “Noon” at just 2 minutes serves as a perfect outro for the project.

Overall, the Gems EP firmly establishes FRQ NCY as a highly versatile producer that you should definitely be keeping an eye on, and I’m looking forward to what direction he’ll take on next.

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