Livestream: Soul Food Music Collective Hosts Tako Tomago Listening Party

Los Angeles music collective, Soul Food, along with wave music producer Jonathan Van Gils, also known as Tako Tomago, will be hosting a URL release party stream today to premiere his latest wave and trap-inspired album. The stream is also a showcase of several members of the collective’s current visual and musical projects.

The 3-hour event will be broadcasted from Downtown LA and feature performances by two of Soul Food Collective’s rising producers—experimental left-field trap producer RamonPang, and ASAHN, an electronic and hip-hop DJ.

Tomago shared that it was his friendship with Soul Food Collective artists w/out and RamonPang that initially spurred his involvement with the Collective, and now, he can’t imagine what kind of music he would be making without their support.

The collective is fairly new, it was established only four years ago by LA-based producers ASAHN, RamonPang, Falldren, DRIVER, and AVARIX and it has seen tremendous growth in the past year and a half.

Soul Food Collective continues to establish its creative presence in LA as a source of support and encouragement for underground wave, trap, and electronic artists, with their in-person events and immersive livestreams.

The underground wave scene in LA is gradually garnering more support all along the west coast from various rising bass and wave collectives like Seattle-based Human Error, label and radio show Vibe.Digital, and Atlanta’s Sekai Collective.

This is an interesting moment for [Soul Food] as these connections begin to form, the scene is really grabbing a hold of IRL spaces,” said Tomago.

The demand for more wave music is visible in LA, demonstrated by the consistently high numbers of attendance at Soul Food’s in-person and online events.

The Soul Food Livestream party begins at 7 pm (PST) on Soul Food’s Twitch channel—don’t miss this specially curated URL event put together by this rising LA collective.

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