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Saint Audio Mixes #049: syence

syence crafted a mix highlighting their notable bass pop sound, heard most recently in their brand-new single “hate u like you love me.” We sat down with the production duo to discuss their roots and the genre they’re playing a hand in shaping.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourselves. 

syence is two of us (Zach and Brayden). Zach was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Brayden was born and raised near Sacramento, California in a small town called Woodland. The two of us met at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in a science class (Chemistry 124). that’s partially where the name syence came from actually! We’ve both been in and around music for quite some time but didn’t start DJing or producing until early in college. After a Zedd set at Coachella, we decided to formalize a project and the rest is history. Today, we continue working on progressing our “bass pop” sound, which combines pop forward vocals with gritty and edgy bass-forward electronic production. We have a TON of unreleased music that we’re aiming to get out over the next 6-12 months. 

What are you trying to showcase in this mix? 

Our bass-pop sound! There’s a great mix of our originals, remixes, mashups we’ve made, and other songs we like to play out live as well. The listener should finish the mix and have a good understanding of what we’re trying to do by crafting the new genre of bass pop.

How do you approach the creative process? 

It varies a lot. Sometimes we are in the room together, sometimes we do work separately, sometimes a random idea sparks in the middle of the day and one of us drops everything to get the idea into Ableton to show the other. Once we have an idea, we’ll usually work together to finalize a version to send around to our team. once we all feel satisfied, Zach does all our mixing/mastering (he even teaches mixing/mastering online at Hyperbits as well). For our original music, we prefer hearing a vocal first as that usually sparks inspiration vs. making an instrumental from scratch then getting a vocal on it. 

What should we expect from you this year? 

For 2021, we have our new EP bass pop dropping in November and then maybe one more single in December. we are also planning on dropping a mashup/bootleg pack (syence experiments volume 3) so that will be fun for DJs to grab for their mixes/sets. Other than that we are playing Beyond Wonderland in October, Hijinx in December and one more festival for New Year’s that hasn’t been announced yet. make sure to follow us on Instagram if you want the update as it happens.

Where can we hear from you?

Music-wise, we’re everywhere. Just search “syence” and you should find us no problem. If you want to connect directly, we’re super active in our Discord server, on Instagram, on Twitter and via email. Send us a note to connect and follow us on all that stuff to stay in touch. We love chatting with all our fans and/or aspiring musicians. The music community is truly special in that way.

Follow syence on Spotify.

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