Essentials: “Electro Forever” – EDDIE x Bad Disk

“Electro Forever” might be the most aptly titled song you hear this year. It might also be one of the most danceable. In aid of No Mana’s quest to make “electro house great again”, Australian producer EDDIE and South African producer Bad Disk combine for a trans-oceanic collaboration for the ages. The track itself combines mellow disco vibes with a thumping electro beat and cutting synths that drive through the mix. Across its four minutes of runtime, “Electro Forever” ebbs and flows between more mellow sounds, and delivering the hard-hitting electro house we were promised. It results in a song that’s an instant floorfiller.

On “Electro Forever”, the artists collaborate seamlessly on a song that showcases their immense talent. Speaking about the origins of the collaboration, Bad Disk said “Ed followed me on IG the very same day I was working on the track. I posted some small clips of it on my IG story, probably less than a minute of the idea and Ed sent me a dm and was like, let’s work on this. The rest you know is history.” Their ability to create something so vibrant and punchy in such a short time is testament to the DJs’ abilities. With No Mana releasing their Electromag compilation in the coming weeks, this track is certain to whet the appetite of any fans looking forward to the project.

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