Essentials: “Sad Sad Sad” – ROSIE

Soft, melodic strokes that open ROSIE’s “Sad Sad Sad.” But what set this apart from just a ballad is the gentle pop backbone behind it. What comes to pass is a track not only about grief, but about its consistency over time.

Soft and easy to start, “Sad Sad Sad” relays the realities of depression and grief very honestly and clearly for listeners. The simplest details of not being able to sleep or feeling ill ground the track early as something relatable and intrinsically human. Her chorus of “It’s been a year/too numb to feel/20 milligrams of happiness/but when I do the math it doesn’t add up” feels particularly apt in a year strewn with the continued effects of the global pandemic.

Grief isn’t really something we talk about as a society. But we need to. “Sad Sad Sad,” is refreshing because it tackles this head on, and not only that, but it approaches it musically in a way that feels different from songs that do explore these themes. It is not a sad ballad or an overly-instrumental theme. Instead, ROSIE creates what still very much feels like a pop song that is catchy and even dance-worthy at places. It’s young, honest and still joyful in someone places; thereby showing the complexity of our lives.

At just 21 years old, singer-songwriter ROSIE is all about transparency. She regularly preforms without makeup and uses no filters on photos or promotional material. With ROSIE, all you get is her exactly who she is, and this extends beautifully into her music both compositionally and emotionally. Known for turning negative experiences into her strength, ROSIE’s transparency has struck a chord with viewers and listeners across the internet.

Stream “Sad Sad Sad” and follow Rosie on Spotify.

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