EP Review: The Giant EP – camoufly

These last couple of years have been very fruitful for mysterious producer camoufly. He initially burst onto the scene with “Macintosh Plus,” a flip of a vaporwave tune by the artist of the same name, and throughout 2019 and 2020 his remixes of artists ranging from Aphex Twin to Pitbull have garnered a lot of attention.

Being a student of the 2014-15 Soundcloud era as he is, however, he realized that strictly doing remixes and flips can only get you so far and could lead to him getting pigeonholed, so in 2021 he turned his attention to making more original works, beginning with his debut EP Apotheosis in January. Elements of his self-appointed “kawaii bounce” style remained, but it firmly established him as a highly versatile producer who could produce a body of work that could compete with the best in bass music.

Enter The Giant, his follow-up EP, to prove that Apotheosis wasn’t simply a fluke. While many DJs around the world are playing his bass-heavy flip of Jack Ü’s “Beats Knockin’,” he decides to open his sophomore EP with the piano-driven “Rituals”, a beat that is somehow quite mellow yet still a banger—camoufly is one of the best at pulling that contrast off.

camoufly often refers to Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat as one of his biggest influences, and you can hear Cashmere’s brand of harp-driven club music grace “Million Years” and “Possibilities,” but he puts enough of his own signature touch on the songs so they aren’t just pastiches—“Possibilities” in particular is an immediate standout with its fantastic sampling of Cassie.

Another clear influence on camoufly’s work is the Scottish artist Sam Gellaitry, but while Sam is off aiming to dominate pop music someone has to keep his signature early sound alive and lead single “Pyramids” as well as the next track “Sakura” are shining examples of this.

All in all, The Giant helps solidify camoufly’s position as one of the most consistent acts in bass music, and I’m very excited to see where his career goes from here.

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