Soul Food Music Collective Delivers in Exuberant LA Show HOMECOMING

On the night of July 30th, West Pico Boulevard was bustling with foot traffic coming from every direction. 

Goths with 8 inch-tall boots, girls wearing Doc Martens and donning Sable Valley gear, boys in JAWNS-certified black ski masks—all heading to Catch One, a club with a lot of grit and a booming sound system.

Courtesy of Jordan Garcia (@thecaptainkook)

For many of the artists on the Homecoming roster, this was their first time performing at a venue post-pandemic.

Asahn and Falldren kicked off the inaugural show with an exhilarating b2b as the crowd quickly trickled into the club.

Tabula Rasa label head and IDM-inspired producer, RamonPang, followed the b2b shortly after. 

His stunning set was filled with many shimmering, experimental tracks from his latest release, Nature System.

The juxtaposition of rattling kalimbas and sweet melodies delighted and surprised the crowd at Catch One.

RamonPang, courtesy of Jordan Garcia (@thecaptainkook)

Next up was Sable Valley’s newest member, Remnant.exe, whose latest single “Interference Pattern” and recent Psychokinesis EP have been widely acclaimed.

The hardwave producer ignited the audience, playing dreamy, electronic tracks from his latest EP, singles released through Sable Valley Records and incorporated many others with the dark, very melodic tones that he’s notorious for. 

Following Remnant.exe was 20 year old Long Beach producer RemK, who brought an incredible enthusiasm with his performance. 

Courtesy of Jordan Garcia (@thecaptainkook)

The club went absolutely mental to RemK’s edits of RL Grime’s “Core” and “Tell Me,” and high-energy electronica and bass tracks, but nothing could prepare the crowd for the next monster of a set.

With Sable Valley’s JAWNS, there was no shortage of jarring drops and main-stage bops heard. 

He captivated the audience with party-inducing electronic and progressive trap sounds. 

JAWNS, courtesy of Jordan Garcia (@thecaptainkook)
Courtesy of Jordan Garcia (@thecaptainkook)

Waves of heads bounced along excitedly until suddenly a mosh pit formed at the front of the crowd. 

Bodies thrashed in the pit to an exhilarating edit of ISOxo and Knock2’s “Radial.” 

Shortly after, the dynamic W/OUT closed out the night with plenty of reverberating DnB and pulsating, house-infused tracks.

Though the Denver musician has been producing for 6 years and has had their project running for only three, W/OUT shared that they’ve finally “found [their] sound and direction, and STILL discovering and learning every day. That’s what gets me excited.” 

And the excitement was certainly felt and reciprocated by the crowd at Catch One, who absolutely lost it at W/OUT’s set which included their latest single with dreams47, “Lost Our Way.”

w/out, courtesy of Jordan Garcia (@thecaptainkook)
w/out, courtesy of Jordan Garcia (@thecaptainkook)

The show, hosted by Riverside’s Soul Food Collective, exceeded expectations for their first post-pandemic event and they say they owe it all to their community, who has grown to 500 members in the past year.

For Soul Food, community is everything to us. We want to build to keep our community thriving and growing alongside us,” said Soul Food Operations Director David Cedar. 

The Collective has more live shows tentatively planned for early September, mid October, and one in December as well as a virtual livestream in a few weeks that will feature some of the community’s favorite members.

Courtesy of Jordan Garcia (@thecaptainkook)

Follow Soul Food Music Collective on Twitter and SoundCloud, and join their Discord community.

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