Diverse, International Bass Artists Take The Stage For Twitch-Streamed obNOXious Fest

Floridian bass music artist Nomar Nox has curated a stacked lineup for his second annual obNOXious Fest, a three-day livestream event happening on Twitch. The festival features artists from South Korea, Russia, Brazil, and Sweden. Highlights include rising midtempo producer AIXI, Null Factor label head Z3RØ5um, and Twitch streamer Jovian. obNOXious Fest kicks off at 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST on August 13th over on Nomar Nox’s Twitch.

Nomar Nox spoke with us to share the history of his musical journey, the power of Leo season, and how this led to the creation of obNOXious Fest (ONF), which launched in 2020.

He shares that among his “close friend group, I’ve been DJing the longest. I had begun classes at the Scratch DJ Academy in Miami in 2010,  learning from amazing individuals like DJ Immortal, DJ Illmanik, DJ Rob Riggs, and DJ Sun of Soul. I was an open format club DJ for a while in Miami. That said, I was starting to lose interest in any Top 40 music, and playing the same things any DJ can for weddings, clubs, etc. I discovered dubstep by 2011 and that changed my life forever. When I decided to move on from hip-hop productions, and into the world of Bass music, by 2016 I rebranded as Nomar Nox. 

Jumping ahead, it just so happens that me and many of my close friends are Leos. The idea of ONF first came from planning a big Leo birthday party.  Since I have been mentoring and encouraging my close friends to pursue their interest in DJing, we decided it would be great to have one big party where we all spin one after another. Since I had started streaming just before Covid became a thing, I then thought of making it into a proper production for my Twitch channel. I invited my local Florida friends and online buddies I met through the Lost Lands Producer’s Den, people like Wheysted, and Z3RØ5um, and by extension, others from Null Factor Records and GRL Gang, like Vybrant Vibes and Toastee

I coordinated the first ONF, did all the creative, and ran it from within my home on August 15th, 2020. The Leos being celebrated were myself, WiP, Mogli Bear, Black Mana, and a few others. I had so much fun doing the event that I became a regular Twitch streamer, produced other shows, joined other events—all leading to the biggest production I’ve managed, Fort Nox, a two-day festival back on March 5 and 6. Following the success of Fort Nox, I decided to bring ONF back, mix up the lineups from both ONF and Fort Nox, and invite new individuals I have connected with throughout Discord, Twitch, and other channels. I’m applying everything I’ve learned to this point, all while having fun.

Check out the set times for obNOXious Fest, and watch the event on Nomar Nox’s Twitch channel.

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