Essentials: “Ooeeooeeoo” – CAPYAC.

In anticipation of their upcoming ‘second debut album’ album, CAPYAC Forever, LA-based, Austin-made duo CAPYAC have been dropping music throughout the year, culminating in the release one of 2021’s most instantly danceable songs in “Ooeeooeeoo”. From the offset the song brings together glitzy synths and slick, Chic-esque guitars into one of the most buttery smooth grooves you’re likely to hear this summer.  Underscored by a tight rhythm section and brought to life by vibrant melodic textures, the track calls back to classic electro-funk and disco-funk standards whilst still being unafraid to tread new ground.

The duo, made up of multi-instrumentalists Erica Peana and Delwin Campbell are renowned for their on-stage absurdity, off stage however the pair showcase their musical virtuosity on the track, blending together elements from across the musical spectrum including funk, electronic and disco into one cohesive song. Performed with an all-star cast of instrumentalists from the Austin, TX music scene, Peana and Campbell have corralled their extensive list of contacts onto a jam worthy of the talent that produced it. Mixed by Campbell himself, the track is as smooth as can be with interplay between the horns, synths, guitars and Peana’s vocals propelling the song forward with exuberant energy. “Ooeeooeeoo” sounds like a ready built floor-filler for one of the band’s raucous live shows.

The title of the song is self-explanatory. One Listen to the song’s infectious chorus will have you repeating “Ooeeooeeoo, who the fuck are you” all afternoon. Its such a toe-tappingly immersive ride that by the time you reach the slowed-down, sweet melodic portion, you’re raring to go again from the start. With CAPYAC Forever due on August 8th, this tune is the perfect entrée for what is sure to be one of the year’s grooviest efforts.

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