Essentials: “Supercharged” – Birthdayy Partyy

On “Supercharged”, Chicago pair Birthdayy Partyy define themselves.
Twins Bryan and Jon Gorecki, who make up the duo, bring energetic and catchy electronic riffs together with funky basslines to make an early shout for one of the songs of the summer.

Beginning with a chopped up synth melody driven by a pulsating rhythm, the track draws inspiration from legends of house music both old and new. With airy vocals floating over the disco inspired production it feel like a summer ready track early on. This isn’t the only realm the track visits however as a minute in it seamlessly transitions away from its disco beginnings into some blood-pumping bass house. From there the track pivots between searing bass and smooth disco-house effortlessly, providing both addictive melodies and euphoric drops.

“Supercharged” encompasses so much of what Birthdayy Partyy strive for. “This is what Birthdayy Partyy sounds like,” the duo say of the track. Inspired by how ‘supercharged’ the duo feel for the return of live shows, it’s hard not to argue that this song is festival ready.

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