Essentials: Must-Adds To Your Summer Playlist From Audeon, juuku, Neef, Tutara Peak and Muira

Tune into some of my favorite new songs, which can be found on the Saint Audio Selects: July 2021 playlist.

“Cold Mind” – Audeon

An icy percussive rush skates alongside dark, hollowed-out vocals in this drum and bass track from French producer Audeon. Recently securing a runner-up position in a MUST DIE! remix competition for his hard-hitting DnB reimagining of “CHAOS,” Audeon shows versatility on “Cold Mind,” a liquid inspired take on the genre.

“Driver’s License (juuku flip)” – Olivia Rodrigo

The song of the summer gets an epic rework from the cinematic mind of juuku. The producer fills the track with lush synths and a soaring arp that’s stadium-ready.

“I Don’t Need That” – Neef and SOCKiTTOME

Wonky synths collide with unapologetic percussion and an emotional vocal in Neef and SOCKiTTOME’s “I Don’t Need That”. Flume, take notes.

“Motion In The Shadows” – Tutara Peak

A masterpiece of sound design, composition, and balanced restraint, “Motion In The Shadows” is an all-encompassing journey that will delight fans of Dorian Concept and Oneohtrix Point Never. The atmospheric chips of birds set off the muted punch in the drums as Tutara Peak transports listeners to a place unknown. “Motion In The Shadows” is the first single off Tutara Peak’s upcoming EP Tansuri, out in August.

“Still Me” – Muira

“Still Me” feels like a relaxing dive into a pool on a hot summer’s day—the refreshing fusion of Nujabes influenced melodies with straightforward future bass elements makes Muira’s latest tune a chill addition to any setting.

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