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Saint Audio Mixes #043: Asterisk Youth

Asterisk Youth takes over the decks for our 43rd guest mix. Listen to the house and experimental-inspired mix from the experienced DJ and producer, and get to know her in our interview below.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 26 year old loud opinionated trans woman from Atlanta, Georgia. I love music and my wife more than anything in this world. I knew I wanted to be a DJ since I was young. I was always the kid with the aux cord, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I really cut my teeth. I did college radio for about three and a half years. Mixing every week, multiple times a week, two-hour mixes, for about two years, I taught myself everything I know about DJing. I went on hiatus from 2017-late 2019 to give myself room and time to grow. The music that I put out now represents that growth: me facing my fears of rejection and the paranoia surrounding my art. Any confidence in myself and my music you’re seeing is new, and I hope to strengthen it with each release.

What are you trying to showcase in this mix?

I wanted show everyone the best I have to offer at this moment in time. This is a collection of blends I’ve been wanting to pull off for a while, strung together by blends and transitions I found throughout my session. Finding bizarre blends from disparate corners of the musical spectrum seems to be something of a strength for me, so I wanted to show that off a bit.

How do you approach the creative process?

Brian Eno once said that while we tend to dignify systems of control (willpower and technical ability to learn and play music that is intricate and unique) what we really get off to is surrender. I try to surrender myself to my art in the ways that I can, in the ways I feel comfortable, while exploring my vulnerabilities along the way. I feel best when I’m deep in a flow state on a project file/mix, trying things I’ve never done before and learning along the way.

What should we expect from you this year?

I am currently working diligently on a passion project centered around AM radio recordings. I will also be releasing singles and potentially something bigger on Tabula Rasa Record Company throughout the year and hopefully until the end of time.

Where can we hear from you?

I have a song on all major platforms called “Plant Loop,” but I’ll be posting a good bit of music on my SoundCloud and Audius; I just put out a crazy “Knuck If You Buck” track that my brain worms cooked up.

Follow Asterisk Youth on Spotify and Instagram.

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