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Saint Audio Mixes #042: glasse

glasse joins us for our latest guest mix filled with immersive and cinematic production. Learn more about them in our interview below.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Hey! I’m Evelyn, and I go by the artist name glasse. I use they/them or she/her pronouns. I’m a queer, Asian American, and femme artist who composes and produces a blend of electronic and orchestral music. Although I’ve dabbled in production prior and DJ’ed for longer, I started seriously working on original music in the beginning of 2021. I’m also a freelance visual artist who makes cover art and motion graphics for other musicians.

What are you trying to showcase in this mix?

This is the first mix I’ve made since putting out a couple of tracks this year, so I’m excited to be able to include them here. There are also a couple of unreleased tracks in the mix that I’ve barely shown to anyone. I’m really stoked to be releasing one of them, “Windborne Odyssey,” at the end of the month.

With this mix, I also wanted to showcase my friends’ music. Besides my own work, every single track in this mix was made by friends of mine, such as Viznode, JPEBRO, neras, and Codly, to name a few. I’m constantly in awe at how talented some artists in the community are, despite having relatively small followings, and I want to support them and get their music heard by as many people as possible. So rather than trying to cram a ton of edits and cool transitions together, I focused more on selecting and playing some of my absolute favorite songs that my friends have made.

How do you approach the creative process?

I am particularly interested in worldbuilding and using a variety of mediums to create narratives through art. The two most gratifying mediums for me so far have been music and writing. Sometimes I start with writing music, and then I commission artwork and write a story to accompany it, which was the case with “Windborne Odyssey”. Other times, I begin with a piece of writing or a detailed concept and then compose music based on it. I’m also deeply invested in the medium of video games as art, so I’ve been working on a project in that field as well.

Above all, whether I’m creating fictional worlds or drawing from my own experiences to tell stories, I want everything I put out to be a cohesive project — conceptually, musically, and visually.

What should we expect from you this year?

As I mentioned earlier, my first solo release, “Windborne Odyssey,” will be coming out at the end of June. I’ve commissioned a really talented artist, Amaryllis, to illustrate artwork for it, and I have written a short story to accompany the music and act as a prequel for the story that is told during the song. I hope that this single feels like a cohesive narrative that extends to mediums beyond the music.

Other than that, I have more music, concepts, and other projects that I’m really excited to carry out, some of which may be ready by the end of the year, but I’m unable to announce any huge plans regarding them yet!

Where can we hear from you?

You can learn more about me and my released projects at! There are links to stream my discography and find me on socials there. My originals are all on streaming platforms, such as Spotify. You can also follow my Twitter, which I’m most frequently active on, and my SoundCloud.

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