Essentials: ‘Kill the Night’ EP – Luma

Kill the Night is the debut EP from New York born, Nashville based singer-songwriter Luma. Across the three tracks of the EP, she seamlessly blends passionate vocals with futuristic production to create three tracks of atmospheric and enthralling electronic pop. Based around the juxtaposition between light and dark, the EP starts with “Like a Nightmare”, an up-tempo electronic ballad that embodies the light element of the EP with euphoric synths and a fiery vocal melody. The title track, an interlude in the centre of the EP, sees Luma explaining the meaning behind the name “Kill the Night” as the song serves as an ethos to encourage people to “walk through the darkness”.  The final track, “Devil Saint,” personifies the darker side of the EP. Bringing back Luma’s impassioned vocals, it sees her singing over larger than life production courtesy of American producer Yuppycult. In all its an immensely strong debut EP from one of electronic music’s best up-and-coming talents, one that leaves you wanting more.

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