Essentials: “Gatorade” – Ginesse

“Gatorade,” the latest single from LA artist Ginesse is an enticing slice of forward-thinking indie pop. Coming off the back of her 2020 debut EP Somewhere to Die, the track itself is powered by energetic synths and some excellent vocals from Ginesse AKA Cait Fairbanks (of TV’s The Young and the Restless), who makes the most of her impressive vocal range. The track starts with a thumping beat accompanied by Ginesse’s autotune-tinged vocals. The chorus however sees the track pivot into a dreamlike state of ascending synths and soaring vocals. Across the song, Ginesse experiments with her vocals in different ways, distorting them in some parts, autotuning them, hiding them behind a layer of reverb and often playing snippets in reverse. It lends an avant-garde edge to a song that borders so many genres at once, be it pop, indie, electronic and or dance. Lyrically, Ginesse wants to present her distilled essence onto each song, giving the listener a proper view of her, saying “If I give someone an emotional picture of a specific moment, that is truly special.” The song certainly accomplishes that, painting a vivid portrait of loving obsession. It’s a bold statement from one of indie-pop’s most exciting new artists.

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