Essentials: dariacore – leroy

leroy, dltzk‘s side project of pop and hip hop edits is experimental electronic production at its most chaotic and brilliant. Each song is a perfectly-orchestrated cacophony, with the New Jersey producer channeling everyone from Fire-Toolz to Cashmere Cat. This sense of melody and brutality is best heard in tracks like “bluuuueeee”, “outside”, and “copyright strike my fucking nuts”, though the album doesn’t stick to one genre alone (if you could even assign it any genre). House influences are present on the opener “ricky bobby”, and midtempo colors an extremely heavy-yet-cursed edit of the forgotten Dawin bop “Dessert,” but it’s “theyfriend” (a rework of Fetty Wap‘s “679”) that shines brightest on this album full of sharp-edged gems. dltzk’s sampling of screamo, pop, and rap is truly one of a kind, and the leroy project brings that sound into a space that’s fresh, exciting, and accessible.

Stream and purchase dariacore on Bandcamp, and follow leroy on SoundCloud.

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