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Saint Audio Mixes #040: Cerdin

Cerdin joins us for a rowdy guest mix jam-packed with bops. Listen to Cerdin’s mix, and get to know the up-and-coming Canadian producer in our Q&A below.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I’m Harry, also known as Cerdin. I make electronic music (currently), but also secretly make pop, hardcore, and RnB. I don’t know if those will see the light of day under my moniker but overall, I love making different types of music.

My sound comes from my love of bass and some of the mentioned hardcore and pop influence. I just like loud noises, but also sometimes quiet noises? Depends on the day or mood, haha. I don’t know! I like sounds! I feel like Marge Simpson in that clip where she’s like “I just think they’re neat!”

What are you trying to showcase in this mix?

This mix is a showcase of a lot of artists I’ve been really into lately. We’ve got a bit of IMANU, RemK, my old friend Sinistarr, Remnant.exe, Rossy (who everyone should definitely look out for this year…she’s got some weapons on her), and some of my own little flips, originals, and secret IDs.

I really like so many different types of music so it was hard to figure out how to conduct this mix, but maybe in the future I’ll send Saint Audio a lil R&B or house mix or something. For now, this mix reflects a lot of my current sound and inspirations. I also recorded it live which feels so much more natural to me, so I had a lot of fun spinning and dancing in my living room!

How do you approach the creative process?

I usually start with melody. A lot of what I’ve written in recent years relies a lot on minor scales and a ton of dissonance. I think it was a way for me to express certain emotions through instrumentation. From there I just kind of see what flows naturally. I always wanna challenge myself. Lately I’ve been starting tracks by just running distorted feedback loops and trying to turn them into bass-lines or percussion, things like that.

Mainly I’ve taken the approach that I’m sure many of us have learned from the main man Baauer. He’s so fearless with his workflow and how additive he is in his production, he’s been a huge inspo to my creative process. Hi baobao!

What should we expect from you this year?

Ooooh I have a lot in the pipeline right now. I have a couple collaborations, one with my pal Squired and I can’t wait for us to put that one out. I have three songs with a very close, longtime IRL  friend of mine, and I’m very excited to show the world his talents. He’s only been producing for a couple years now and he’s gonna do some huge things. I feel it already. A few other little tracks here and there with some local folks from my city, and new peeps I’ve met through the community! Hopefully those see a release this year but I don’t wanna rush anything. Slow living is the new wave for me.

The pandemic really put me in the headspace to work a lot on music right when I was gonna throw in the towel on it, but I kept keeping on and found new ways to create, not just in terms of song collaboration or producing, but engineering, artwork design, just creating things for and with other artists to help elevate them. So you might see my name sprinkled around on track credits, album art, etc.

I just wanna keep putting out stuff I’m proud of and pushing myself, as well as push people’s expectations of what kinds of things they’ll hear from me. Hopefully land some label releases this year too. Who knows! Maybe more shows? Either in the IRL world or the URL world. I just wanna keep making and pushing my sound and skills forward!

Where can we hear from you?

My handle is “cerdinsound” on pretty much everything: SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. I’m pretty active on all platforms for the most part so whoever is reading this, never hesitate to reach out! I don’t like secrets either so if you want a run down of how I did something in a certain song, I’ll fill you in! If ya wanna say hi, I’ll say hi back! I’m a really social person, haha.

Thank you Saint Audio! I hope you enjoy the mix!

Follow Cerdin on Spotify for more music.

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